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kes the outcomestill has to be the same- ser
Why Google Needs You Right Now Marketing Articles | March 4 Cheap Jimmy Howard Jersey , 2005

Let me ask you a simple question- what do you think is thenumber one driving force behind the enormous success ofGoogle?

While you're pondering this for awhile- and may even thinkof a variety of answers to this question- the bottom lineto it is this- Google continually strives to serve up thebest relevant content to its customers then its nearestcompetitors and it usually does.

Content that is provided daily by thousands of web masters,marketers and experts from a variety of fields andindustries across the globe.

Content that could be- provided by yourself if you are oneof the smart ones that is using Google to your benefit.

Anyone that has been marketing on the internet for knowsthat Google loves content- and the more the better. But itshould be quality content that informs their customers onsubjects of their interests.

So, if you are one of the ones who is providing it to themand answering their customers questions- Google will inturn reward you by listing your content high in theirnatural search engine results for some of your content aslong as it is relevant for that subject.

The more relevant the content- the higher your ranking willbe on that subject.

Providing this content isn't difficult either. There is amultitude of information you can write about by justvisiting some of the article banks online to get ideas ondifferent subjects. It can be on anything like health Cheap Justin Abdelkader Jersey ,finances, business techniques or web promotion.

Once you get a few ideas to write about, you can then usethis information to provide content for:
Articles dealing with subjects that are informative orsolve a problem. Top 5 or top 10 lists that are easy to construct.
Like "Top 5 Ways to Market Affiliate Products Online" or"Ten Easy Ways To Lose Weight This Year"
Press releases that inform about new web sites Cheap Dylan Larkin Jersey , products,services or announcements. Press releases usually getpicked up quickly by the online news outlets and then havea tendency to be added to the natural search engineslistings shortly there after.
So you see, getting a top ten position in Google isactually quiet easy to achieve- if you know how. Once youdo know how- then you can take advantage of the system bypartnering with Google.

Because in essence that is what you have become- Google'spartner. You are providing them with what they want andneed in satisfying their customer's demands- while you endup benefiting from the increase in traffic to your site bybeing the one supplying them with the information.

So Cheap Frans Nielsen Jersey , while other web masters are paying SEO firms topdollars trying to optimize their sites for better searchengine positioning, or slaving hours away changing keyworddensities and monitoring rankings- you could beimplementing a few steps in supplying the search engineswith what they really want and need.

While all along- you will be driving hundreds or thousandsof targeted visitors to your site to eat up the content youare providing.

Targeted visitors that you can use to gain additionalsubscribers, members Cheap Mike Green Jersey , or customers for your affiliateprograms, products or mailing lists.

You may think I'm crazy- but personally, I couldn't careless if my site ranks dead last against my competitors aslong as I'm consistently driving targeted traffic to mysite from multiple sources.

While it is nice to be ranked #1 for your site Cheap Gordie Howe Jersey , I considerit more of an ego trip. Getting a number one rank is easyfor some terms, but does it end up converting the trafficyou're getting into sales for the keywords you aretargeting?

I have found that by using some proven methods of utilizingmy time more effectively, like writing articles and pressreleases centered around some modestly competitivekeywords Madison Bowey Jersey , has given me more top ten positions for mykeywords then by me trying to figure out how Google'sever-changing algorithm works.

Another method of getting your topics posted and indexedquickly is by using other sites that are known to be topcontenders with Google. Search for any topic and you willfind certain sites that pop up in the top ten for articles,ads, or press releases all the time.

Now remember- these sites are not writing all of their owncontent. They are also using other peoples content on theirsites. All you need to do is provide them with yourrelevant content- let the search engines spider their sideand then piggyback on their ability to be ranked at the topfor your targeted keywords.

I don't know about you Valtteri Filppula Jersey , but I just don't have the patienceto keep knocking my head against the wall trying to figureout how to outfox Google, Yahoo or any of the other searchengines. Plus, I don't have a Ph.D. in search enginescience voodoo.

So I'd rather be putting my efforts into methods that Iknow are getting proven and guaranteed results- and willcontinue doing so Andreas Athanasiou Jersey , no matter what changes Google makes.

Because no matter how many changes Google makes the outcomestill has to be the same- serving up relevant contentbetter and faster then it's competitors. And if you helpGoogle accomplish this, they will continue to help you gainthe customers you need.

So the fact is- Google will always need you- so takeadvantage of this and start writing some of your ownquality content today!
Article Tags: Press Releases

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