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Benzema: Sometimes people don't understand what I do on the pitch
[Image: 15416318813098.jpg]

After a fine individual performance against Viktoria Plzen, sbobet asia which included his 200th goal for Real Madrid, Karim Benzema had a message for all those who criticise him.The Frenchman was keen for people to see his wider contribution to each game."When I go out on the field I don't just want to score goals," he said after the match."I want to give assists, play, score goals... what a striker does."It's always the same but I play football to make history and sometimes people don't understand what I do on the pitch."But it doesn't bother me anymore because I'm 30 years old, I have children and I don't think about these things."Santiago Solari has had a marked effect on Real's play, sbobet asia  and the Frenchman would be happy for him to continue."Sure, why not, we're fine with him," he added. "I don't see a coach coming for one or two months, so for me Solari has to stay until the end of the season at least."He is a great coach, we now have more confidence and we are going to compete."Overall, it was a great night's work for Los Blancos."I am happy with the victory and the goals," Benzema continued."And also with managing the match well because it was difficult, but with confidence we've done good things." sbobet asia

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